better things to do on a Saturday.

We carved soap today.


It was fun. Really, really messy, but really, really fun. This is what the babe decided to do with the shavings.


We used ivory soap, plastic spoons and toothpicks as tools. It was surprisingly easy to carve, we all loved it and provided a great opportunity to talk about 3 dimensional space.

Maybe you noticed the row of creatures above all appear very bear-like. We started out the morning with a brisk hike through the snow at a local state park. We had selected a trail new to us, and about half-way through our hike, we found something which is, to us, undeniably a bear track. Maybe if you squint really hard you can tell its a bear track (or imagine that it is a bear track).


The day my husband proposed we found a fox hole- not the kind used by soldiers- the kind a real life fox lives in, complete with tracks. He’d planned a very romantic picnic on a hill, and a hike beforehand to set the mood and we’d happened upon the foxhole. It made my day- I thought- until even grander things appeared 🙂 It is still exciting to find signs of rare wildlife, at least to me, and today reminded me of that glorious day we found a fox’s domicile.


This is a decidedly better way to spend our Saturday.

In case you’re wondering about why we’d carve soap in the first place, “handicrafts” are a valuable part of education. Read more about Charlotte Mason’s thoughts on the subject here.


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