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Kids Clothes Week, Days 2+3

Yesterday was a tough day to get much sewing done for Kids Clothes Week. Yet, today I am pressing on 😉 Here’s the swim shorts I made for baby girl.


Swim shorts for a baby girl? Yes! She is very fair and for long days by the lake with Grandparents (there’s the traveling theme again!), we have found protective clothing to be superior to sunscreens. Note the long sleeved swim shirt. I intend to make her a matching sun hat for this outfit, if fabric and time permit. She is not modeling her new pieces today as she is napping- which is why I am blogging! And my poor husband will be doing the dishes tonight 😦 since this is how I am spending nap time.

I chose tutti frutti for these swim shorts because polyester doesn’t hold much water, so it will dry really quickly, and they won’t be super heavy when wet. The little lady selected the little bird print herself. The thick waistband is to help them stay up and prevent tummy show, while the back rise is significantly longer, and the backwaist is elasticized, both to provide coverage and movement. They’re a modification of the PJ shorts pattern from day 1. I trimmed down the casing allowance (so the shorts themselves end at the part of her tummy where her pants usually rest + added seam allowance), created a wide waistband (which will sit higher on her tummy than usual) and trimmed about 1/2″ off the width of each leg (so she won’t have so much extra fabric to weigh her down when wet).

I also revisited that pajama top from day 1 as well. I decided to make her a second one, which fits better. I completed the modifications I mentioned in the day 1 post. It was very quick sewing, and I will try to include a pattern and a tutorial here on the blog in the next few weeks as it may be something other seamstresses might enjoy.




Kids Clothes Week, Day 1


This is my first time sewing along for Kids Clothes Week. Here’s what I made today- a pair of summer jammies for the tiny girl. I wanted her to have something cooler and cuter than a onesie to wear to Grandma’s lake house while all the family is visiting this summer. That fits the “traveling” theme, right?

I used fabric from my mom’s stash, that she brought to me. It is likely 100% polyester, not ideal, but it should be cool anyway. I love the design, but I wish I’d made the top smaller. I plan to reuse the shorts pattern later this week; they are already a modification of a pants pattern I drafted earlier this year for her. She’s a tough tiny to fit, and I am satisfied with this pattern, though it isn’t perfect. If I had time, I’d modify the top by replacing the straps with narrower ones, take in the elastic 1/2″ across the bodice front and back, and lower the casing about 1/2″. Next time I sew a top like this I will also put the bias tape around the arm holes before I stitch the casing across the bodice front and back. Don’t know I didn’t this time…

I look forward to tomorrow’s project and seeing what everyone else is making 🙂



This is the book I’ve been reading lately. Or one of the books I’ve been reading lately. Its a very interesting history of the ideology of America as illustrated by our clothing (as revealed through clothing experts referred to as “Dress Doctors”). I’d highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys reading information. I LOVE information.

“Dress, the Dress Doctors said, is one of our social duties for two reasons. First, because the world has to look at us whether it wants to or not. Second, because the world has work to do, and an inappropriately dressed individual can be distracting. (page 78) Unlike today, when so many of us are eager to spill our deepest secrets to everyone and anyone and anything through social media, the society in which the Dress Doctors lived believed that much information about a person was privileged…It followed that the professional woman’s working clothes should strike “a note of dignity and formal reserve,” as this will keep people at the proper, respectful distance…The goal was to make clear that she was a considerate person who did not impose on others. (page 96)”

This reminds me of the definition of modesty.

Modesty = “The quality of not being too proud or confident about yourself or your abilities. Propriety in dress, speech, or conduct” (

So, it follows, in my mind anyway, that appropriate dress is really about 1) respecting others by not forcing ourselves upon them (even forcing them to look upon us) and 2) commanding respect for ourselves by not assuming intimacy with others.

Interesting, interesting. What about all this newly fledged ideology that somebody other than me should determine intimate medical decisions for me? Or for my family? What am I talking about? Mandatory vaccines. At the heart of this discussion is a sobering lack of modesty, or a basic pride, that the someone who thinks they should make my decisions makes them better than I do.

And how did this come about? Is it the universally unflattering, plumber’s-behind-creating-jeans EVERY girl and woman wears these days. Maybe. Maybe its because we spew our personal details on social media to the point we feel deeply connected to near strangers. Maybe its because we have lacked propriety (the condition of being right, appropriate, or fitting) in ourselves for so long, that we can not respect others, nor can we command respect for ourselves.

However we came about it, the problem is now much uglier than color-blocked sweaters. I insist that we command respect to make our own decisions, and we take the responsibility of doing so. Let it begin with me.